In this page we will explain how to install, configure and launch a scenario with RW Enhancer 2. Read this carefully there may be important things that you don't want to miss.

First read the System Requirements / Installation Instructions.
After you bought RW Enhancer 2, you need to download and install it with the provided install package that you can find in the 'Manage Purchases' section of RW Central.

You might need to also install DirectX end user packages in order for RW Enhancer 2 to be working correctly.

Now you need to install Microsoft SAPI voice packages used by PIS systems and the radio system.
Please install those packages even if you are planning to use Azure speech engine in RW Enhancer 2.

Now that everything is installed. Launch RW Enhancer 2 and click on the 'User Account Pannel' button in the main menu.

You should see this window:

Enter your RW Central account email as required and your license key (that you can find in the 'manage purchases' section of RW Central) and click on the 'Connect/Activate' button. RW Central connection State and License Key State should show up in green.

Now since it is your first time with RW Enhancer 2, you need to perform a 'cooking' of your Train Simulator data.

On the main menu click on the 'Content Cooker' button.

Then on the opened content cooker window just click on 'Load/Cook TS Content'. This will start the Train Simulator data cooking process so RW Enhancer 2 can know exactly what is your installed TS content.

Please Note

This process will be quite long when used for the first time depending on the amount of Train Simulator addons/DLC installed on your computer. Please be patient.

Please Note

This process is needed at each launch of RW Enhancer 2.

Now in order to launch a scenario by using RW Enhancer 2 gameplay features, just follow the indications at the beginning of this video:

Once you click on the 'Drive Now' button in the Drive menu Train Simulator will be automatically launched (if not already). Now just select the same scenario (than the one selected in RW Enhancer drive menu) in Train Simulator and start it. RW Enhancer 2 HUD should appear automatically when you start to play this scenario.

Please Note

If the RW Enhancer 2 HUD is not appearing on the screen, try to set your display mode to “borderless” in Train Simulator settings and restart everything

Since RW Enhancer 2 is in early access state, you may encounter some issues while using it. If you have an issue you can use those solutions in order to solve your problem:

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