The TS Content Cooker is a central system of RW Enhancer 2. This system is responsible of loading and processing all your Train Simulator data into RW Enhancer memory so RW Enhancer can be aware of your installed content (rolling stock, routes) and execute all other systems correctly.

This process involve processing tens of thousands of your Train Simulator assets files so depending on your content this process can take several minutes.

Please Note

The content cooker is designed to use all available CPU core to accelerate the cooking process. We are always working on cooking time improvements for futures updates.

Please Note

Enhanced shaders are automatically compiled/installed during the cooking process. Your Train Simulator graphics will be enhanced right after your first cooking. After that, RW Enhancer graphics improvements are always active, even if you launch Train Simulator without RW Enhancer 2.
Load/Cook TS Content

This mode is meant to be used each time you launch RW Enhancer 2.

Depending on your new installed, removed or modified content since the last launch of RW Enhancer 2, the content cooking system will scan and load more or less Train Simulator data.

The cooking process will be quite long for your first cooking, but any subsequent cooking should be fast. (less than 2 minutes for most users)


You can use this if your TS content is not correctly loaded in RW Enhancer 2 or when you have some serious issues with the cooking system or if you experience some crashes during the cooking process.

Cooked/Loaded Routes List

By clicking on this button you can select which routes are cooked/loaded by RW Enhancer 2. By selecting only the route you need or the routes you play the most you can then decrease the overall cooking time and make the cooking process faster.


If enabled, the cooking process will be automatically launched automatically when RW Enhancer is started.

Close window when cooking is finished

If enabled, the content cooker window will be closed automatically when the cooking process is finished.

  • Install Train Simulator on a SSD instead of a regular hard drive.
  • Install RW Enhancer 2 on a SSD instead of a regular hard drive.
  • Close any performance intensive process while you are cooking.
  • Do not perform performance intensive tasks while cooking (watching Youtube videos, play a game…)
  • By tweaking the “Cooked/Loaded Routes List” setting you can shorten the cooking time
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