Try to execute RW Enhancer 2 as administrator mode or change the installation location of RW Enhancer 2.

This is perfectly normal. RW Enhancer 2 needs to be fully aware of your Train Simulator content so it need to load everything in the memory. (RAM)

Please make sure that you have started your scenario/quickdrive via the RW Enhancer 2 software and clicked on the “Drive Now”.
Or switch your display mode from “FullScreen” to “Borderless” or “Windowed” in Train Simulator settings.

Please make sure that you have installed SAPI voices and that you launched a passenger scenario (or enabled Passenger Service for Quick Drive scenarios, see image).

First try to perform a 'Reset' in the TS Content Cooker window inside RW Enhancer 2 if it still doesn't work, please go on RW Central forums ( and send us your 'debug.log' file. You can find it in the root directory of RW Enhancer 2.

We will update RW Enhancer 2 gradually over the next month to support more and more rolling stock.

Please run those programs in administrator mode under windows by opening right-click popup menu and select “Run as administrator”. This should make them work with RW Enhancer 2.

- Please make an exception in windows (or any other) antivirus for RWEnhancer2.exe AND it's installation directory and do the same for Train Simulator. This will prevent potential crashes and performance issues.
- On some PC configuration Train Simulator can have some performance issues while using Train Simulator 64 bits (needed by RWE 2). You can find a fix for this issue here.
- Switch to borderless fullscreen or windowed display mode in Train Simulator settings. Both Train Simulator and RW Enhancer 2 should be faster and more stable.

Under normal conditions, RW Enhancer 2 should be very light in terms of CPU/GPU/Hard drive usage.

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