Here you can find some advices and tips regarding RW Enhancer gameplay features. We recommend you to read it carefully before driving with RW Enhancer 2.

When you start a scenario/quickdrive with RW Enhancer the following window will be displayed right from the start:

Follow the instructions and when you are ready to begin your service just click on the 'Begin Service' green button.
RW Enhancer 2 will create tasks based on the scenario or quickdrive that you have configured.

RW Enhancer HUD will appear and every other RW Enhancer internal gameplay systems (service handling, sound effects layers) should be initialized and you will now be able to open the service sheet window by using the 'top bar' at the top part of the screen (you can choose to hide this bar in the general HUD settings):

Please Note

If the 'Ready For Service' window do not appear on the screen, there might be a compatibility issue with the current scenario/quickdrive or with the rolling stock you are currently driving. If this is the case please go on and report the issue. We are always working to improve RW Enhancer compatibility with available content on the market.

In order to complete your service you need to perform all tasks listed in your service sheet.
If you have some troubles to perform your current task or if you encounter any issue preventing you from doing your current task you can ask to cancel it in the radio or by using the debug window.

Please Note

Always use the 'T' keyboard key for interactions (open doors, take some fuel…). Only interactions done via the 'T' key are handled correctly by RW Enhancer 2.

Please Note

RW Enhancer tasks are handled independently from Train Simulator tasks. Please do not pay attention to Train Simulator tasks and focus only on your tasks listed in the service sheet. Tasks/objectives may be listed as failed by Train Simulator but succeeded on the RW Enhancer side and vice versa.

Please Note

While RW Enhancer 2 is currently mature enough to handle most scenarios you may encounter issues with tasks involving some consist operations/marshaling. We are working actively to bring a proper support for those kind of scenarios in a future update.
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