The service sheet window list every important information you need in order to complete your service.

In this section you can read your service briefing. Read it carefully there can be some useful information about any possible disturbance or details that you might want to know before beginning your actual driving.

In this section you can see useful information about your current train/consist:

  • Service number
  • Engine description
  • Wagons/cars count
  • Consist and engine length
  • Consist, engine and towed mass
  • Visual representation of your consist if consist elements images are available in RW Enhancer 2

Here you can see all the service tasks that you need to do.


The type of the task.


The location of the task. (station name or track name)

A/D Time

The arrival and departure time of the task if the task is timetabled.


The arrival delay of the task if it's timetabled.


Any remark/info about the task. (Failure reason, cancellation reason…)

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