RW Enhancer 2 is providing a self update system to easily keep the software up to date. With this very simple panel, you can update RW Enhancer 2 with just one click.

When a new update is available for RW Enhancer 2 you will be notified with a colored icon from the main menu. We recommend to always keep the software up to date in order to benefit from the new features and bug fixes.

When an update is available just click on the 'Download & Install Update' button and the update will be downloaded RW Enhancer 2 will be closed automatically and the update will be installed. After the installation RW Enhancer 2 will be automatically launched again.

You can view the latest 5 updates changelogs in the window in order to see what has been added/changed/fixed.
You can also click on the icon next to each version number to get redirected to the dedicated update web page to see more details about this update.

If a mandatory update is released for RW Enhancer 2 you will be notified of this mandatory update and RWE 2 functionalities will be inaccessibles until you perform the required update.

If the update process has failed and if you are not able to launch RW Enhancer 2 anymore or any other critical issue you can download a manual installation file on RW Central.

If you need support, you can use our dedicated support system here:

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