Blue = Work in progress
Green = Done and released

Crash fixes and important fixes

Since RW Enhancer 2 just launched, there is some important issues to fix ! We have already released numerous updates for fixing first reported bugs and we will continue to do so.

German and French interface localisation

We will add German and French localisation support to the RW Enhancer 2 UI.

Male/Female voice selection setting for PIS announcements

We will add an option to choose between male/female voices for the PIS systems.

Male/Female voice selection setting for radio

We will add an option to choose between male/female/random voices for the radio system.

Weather infos for scenario selection

Weather infos will be displayed when selecting a scenario in the “drive” menu. This will require a full cooking (reset) when added.

HUD 'Track Monitor' customization settings

Customization settings will be added for the HUD track monitor.

Stations ambient sound effects

A new sound effect layer will be added for big train stations. With some variation according to major countries supported by RWE 2 yet. (France, Germany, England…)

PIS company name / train type support

We will add a system so the player can add a custom company or train type name so the PIS systems could be more advanced.

Scenarios specific markers reading support

The TS content cooker system will be able to read scenario custom markers data so more scenarios can be completed by using RW Enhancer 2.

More precise markers position detection system

The route markers positional data will be calculated much more precisely. This should fix task completion detection issue with scenarios that involve shunting for example.

British PIS improvements

Thanks to the community support, we will add more realistic onboard & station PIS messages reflecting more the reality of British PIS systems.

German PIS improvements

Thanks to the community support, we will add more realistic onboard & station PIS messages reflecting more the reality of German PIS systems.

Scenarios completion state icons

Introduced in

Some icons will be added in the drive menu to tell when a scenario has been completed or not with RW Enhancer 2.

PIS custom/user jingle sounds support

Introduced in

We will add the ability for the user to specify custom jingle sounds for the PIS systems (onboard and station PIS). Users will be able to specify sounds per supported countries (different sound for Germany, France, UK…)

Consist editor improvements and fixes

Introduced in

The consist editor will receive some fixes and some improvements to make it more user friendly and powerful. AI consists definition support will be added.

Dutch PIS support

Introduced in

We will add Dutch language support for passenger information systems.

HUD 'Current Speed Limit' widget

Introduced in

A new widget will be added to the HUD that will display the current speed limit for the users that don't want to display the speedometer but would want to know the current speed limit anyway.

Routes search improvements

Introduced in

Some improvements will be made so we can search routes by station name for example.

Percent/Permille gradient display option

Introduced in

A new setting will be added so the users can choose between percent or permille for gradient infos on the HUD.

Onboard PIS speaker audio DSP effect

Introduced in

An audio DSP effect will be added on onboard PIS voices in order to increase realism of the announcements.

Consists created with TS consist editor loading support in RW Enhancer 2

Introduced in

We will add loading support of the consists created with the TS consist editor so those consist will be displayed and could be selected in RW Enhancer 2.

RWE 2 window position/size restoration support

Introduced in

RW Enhancer 2 will remember the main window position and size when starting the software instead of always maximizing the window automatically.

Windowed display mode support

Introduced in

We will add the windowed TS display mode support so RW Enhancer 2 can work nicely with this configuration.

British/American accents support for PIS announcements with SAPI

Introduced in

British and American accent support will be added when using SAPI as the speech engine for PIS announcements. (This feature is already supported when using 'Azure' speech engine)

Shaders presets import/export

Introduced in

Like RW Enhancer PRO, we are working on a system to import/export shaders presets. Presets from RW Enhancer PRO will be compatible.

Use legacy Train Simulator shaders option

Introduced in

We are planning to add a setting to use the base TS shaders instead of RW Enhancer 2 ones.

Content cooking system refactoring

Introduced in

One of the top priority issue is the cooking process (that need to be done at each launch of RW Enhancer 2 can take a long time if you own many Train Simulator Content).
We are currently refactoring the whole cooking system so it would be much faster by recooking only the content that has been added/modified since the last cooking.

Fullscreen display mode support

Introduced in

We will add fullscreen display mode support (and Nvidia DSR and AMD equivalent support) in RWE 2.

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