The radio can be used to communicate with the traffic regulation operator. This is a very innovative system that will be used more and more as updates are released for RW Enhancer 2.

Three languages are currently supported by the radio system:

  • English
  • German
  • French

More will be added in the future. Unlike PIS (Passenger Information System) the radio language must be chosen by the user.

Please Note

By selecting 'Azure' as the radio speech engine in the settings, you will get much better and natural voices for all radio communications.

RW Enhancer 2 radio can use voice recognition system for radio communications if you are using 'Azure' as the radio speech engine.
Just press the radio 'push to talk' key and speak any radio command sentence throught your microphone and release the 'push to talk' key. Your recorded sentence will be analyzed by the radio system and processed.

In this section you can find the history of all your radio communications for your actual service.

In this section you can find the list of commands that you currently can use to communicate with the radio operator.
The command list is context sensitive so only the relevant radio commands according to the actual situation are displayed.

To speak a command just click on it's button. If you are using voice recognition you can hover your mouse on the '?' buttons to see the list of sentences that you can speak thought your microphone.

Please Note

More commands will be available as RW Enhancer 2 gets updated.
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