RW Enhancer 2 is a global enhancement addon for Train Simulator Classic/20XX.

This software will greatly improve your Train Simulator experience by adding new and improved graphic and sound effects and many new gameplay features unlocking many new possibilities for the game.

Here is the list of all RW Enhancer 2 features and details about them. Enjoy !

Developed in C++ language for best performance, using a very fast and responsive UI and having some very handy features like the auto-update feature, RW Enhancer 2 is a great software platform !

TS Content Cooker

TS 'Content Cooker' is a central system of RW Enhancer 2. This system is designed to import all Train Simulator data into memory so RW Enhancer can access this data for all it's systems. This process involve extracting and processing tens of thousands of your Train Simulator assets files therefore is designed to use all available CPU core to accelerate the cooking process.

RW Enhancer 2 is designed to leave most of your existing content and mods/addons untouched, every extracted infos and files is done in an external “cooking” folder/directory so no worries :)

Auto-Update System

RW Enhancer 2 can be easily updated with just one click, thanks to it's integrated self updating system. RW Enhancer 2 is designed to be a regularly updated software. We have plenty of cool new features planned for the future ;)

RW Enhancer is now already well known for his various graphical effects improvements. RW Enhancer 2 push it further with numerous improvements to the existing effects and a brand new “Sky Lighting” effect. With this effect, lighting transition between the sky and the ground is now much more natural. RW Enhancer 2 also include a brand new textures details improvement system to greatly improve texture details without any noise artifacts. Every new shader effects added has been carefully tested/optimized and do not have any negative effect on framerate.

Shaders/Effects Improvements

Every cool graphic enhancements of RW Enhancer are back in RW Enhancer 2 ! Existing effects has been tweaked for better results and optimized so Train Simulator can look even better.

Every configuration settings from RW Enhancer PRO has been integrated in RW Enhancer 2.

Sky Lighting Effect

The new sky lighting effect is designed to better render the lighting transition between the sky and the ground. Because of this effect, outdoor lighting will now look much more realistic.

Texture Details Improvement Effect

The new texture details improvement effect will make everything more detailed and sharp. Surfaces will now have more depth and will reveal more fine details than before. This effect has been carefully made to not add any noise artifact due to the added image sharpness.

Shaders Configuration Panel

RW Enhancer 2 software comes with a configuration section that can be used to fully configure everything. You can enable/disable various graphic effects, restore the default Train Simulator shaders and you can even enable some special optimization settings if you want to have some performance gains. Every setting is explained so you can understand which effect you want to enable or not.

Shaders Presets Import/Export

Just like RW Enhancer PRO, you can import/export your shaders settings preset so you can share your shaders configuration with any other RW Enhancer 2 user.

This time, RW Enhancer 2 is not only about graphical improvements but it also provides numerous audio improvements. RW Enhancer 2 is adding various dynamic sound effects during the gameplay. Those effects are layered on existing sound effects so no original sound is altered.
Everything can be configured to your taste in the settings menu.

With this new dynamic audio improvement feature, even your Kuju era rolling stock will sound very good !

Layered Audio Engine System

A full fledged audio engine is integrated into RW Enhancer 2. This audio engine is made to work as a layer on the Train Simulator audio engine and is based on FMOD technology and therefore can provide precise and complex DSP effects such as reverb or occlusion simulation.
We are planning to extend audio engine capabilities in the future so users can add their own sounds and make interesting and complex sound mods.

Illustration image of the sound effect design tool used in RW Enhancer 2

Train Audio Effects Enhancement System

RW Enhancer 2 train audio enhancement system is designed to add some new audio effects on Train Simulator rolling stock existing sound effects. By using the internal RWE 2 train simulation system, the audio engine can add numerous audio layers based on complex real time simulation data.

Those added sound layers are 100% dynamic are adjusted according to hundreds of simulation variables. This add a whole new layer of immersion to your drive sessions ! The audio environment will sound much more dynamic/organic than before.

Here is a list of some audio effects added by this module:

  • Wind air flow
  • Windows/Doors opened air flow
  • Tracks rolling sound
  • Electric & Diesel engine sound layers
  • Braking friction
  • Curve Friction
  • Tunnel air in/out bursts
  • Tunnel ambient reverb
  • Cabin metal/plastic rattling (depending on the physical constraints undergone by the train)
  • Rain on windshield
  • Passengers ambient sounds (discussion, luggage's handling, coughing…) according to the current state of the train (stopped in station, in movement…)

This audio enhancement system works on every train simulator engines/rolling stock and everyhting can be tweaked/adjusted to fit your own taste.

In theses videos (diesel and electric trains) you can see how train audio effects improvements system is doing an awesome job. RW Enhancer 2 sound effects are sometimes muted during the video so you can hear the difference with and without RW Enhancer 2.

World Ambient Audio Effects Enhancement System

RW Enhancer 2 world ambient audio enhancement module is designed to add some new ambient/environment audio effects. This will add numerous new effects during your drive sessions. Every sound effect is triggered/adjusted in real-time according to the current weather, season, time of day and numerous other variables thanks to RW Enhancer 2 Train Simulator communication interface system.

Here is a list of some audio effects added by this module:

  • Variable Ambient Wind (depending on the current weather state)
  • Thunder Strikes (triggered randomly and with variable intensity according to the current weather and season)
  • Birds
  • Insects
  • Station ambiance
  • Night ambiance
  • Departure whistle sounds (based on your current service tasks departures)

This audio enhancement system works on every train simulator routes and everyhting can be tweaked/adjusted to fit your taste.

In the video above you can hear rain and thunder effects of RW Enhancer 2.

Enhanced Scenario Selection

Scenario selection is now improved, you can quickly search for a specific route with the very fast search system (by route name or route UUID), or even filter your routes by countries. Or use efficients filters to quickly filter scenario by difficulty.

A wide array of infos is provided for the selected scenario:

  • Scenario Type (standard, career…)
  • Duration
  • Type
  • Season
  • Difficulty
  • Start Date
  • Start Time
  • AI Services Count
  • Departure Location
  • Arrival Location
  • Consist Composition Viewer
  • Scenario Tasks List

Once your scenario is selected just click on the “Drive Now” button and Train Simulator will launch automatically (if not launched yet), select the same scenario that you have selected in RW Enhancer 2 software and play it. Every RW Enhancer 2 systems will be automatically launched when you start to play the scenario in Train Simulator.

Enhanced QuickDrive Selection

Like scenario selection you can use the very efficient and fast filters to quickly select your quick drive configuration. You can see your consist and quickly configure everything as desired.

Once everything is configured just click on the “Drive Now” button and Train Simulator will launch automatically. Your quickdrive will be automatically configured in the Train Simulator quickdrive section. You just have to launch your quickdrive in Train Simulator menu and your all set !

Enhanced Route And Train Selection

The new route and train selection screens are very easy to use and very useful for finding what you are searching for with the various filtering options.

Routes Selection By Country

With RW Enhancer 2, you can filter your routes by country. This is a very nice way to quickly select the country where you want to drive !

This system is designed to work on all routes with a wide variety of supported countries (more than 30 at the moment). We will add more countries in the future if needed.

QuickDrive Real Live Weather

With RW Enhancer 2 you can use real live weather data for your quickdrive drive session. Just one click and you will drive with the real current live weather conditions where you want to drive anywhere in the world.

QuickDrive Real Local Time / Season

Like the real live weather feature, you can also configure your quickdrive to use real local daytime and season from anywhere in the world.

QuickDrive Enroute Passengers Stops

You can now select intermediate passengers stops (depending on existing quickdrive configurations) and select stop duration for every configured stops. No more driving from point A to point B only !
You passenger stops will be handled by RW Enhancer 2 gameplay systems and will appear as tasks to perform on the RW Enhancer 2 HUD !

When launching a drive session from RW Enhancer 2 drive menu you can discover a wide new range of features that will immerse you like never before.

New Layered HUD

A brand new HUD was made for RW Enhancer 2. This modern style HUD is designed to be modular so you can keep only the elements that you really want.
This HUD is rendered as a layer on Train Simulator window and you can still keep the old style original HUD of Train Simulator or even drive with both (but why would you want to do that ;)).

The new HUD is designed to less occlude your cab controls and to help you to drive more efficiently with useful informations like the accelerometer that will greatly help you to handle gradient changes for example.

Modular HUD Elements

The HUD is modular so you can drag the individual elements to place them where you want on the screen, change the size or opacity of the windows, control individual elements visibility…

Service Sheet

The service sheet window accessible from RW Enhancer HUD top bar will give you very useful information for your services. Briefing, current consist viewer, detailed infos about your consist length and mass and most of all every tasks that need to be done for your current service.


The statistics window is accessible in realtime while you drive and will give you detailed infos about your current run. Max/average speed, Speed graph with speed limits, elevation graph…
We are working to display much more information in future RW Enhancer 2 updates.

Onboard PIS

For the first time in Train Simulator you can enjoy the universal onboard Passenger Information System of RW Enhancer 2. This system is automatically playing audio passenger announcements while you drive. Based on your realtime service informations available from the RW Enhancer simulation engine, this system is compatible with all existing and future Train Simulator passenger service based scenarios and no edit is required.

Here is an example of things that the PIS system can do:

  • Automatically speak in the correct language according to the country you are driving (English, French, German, Dutch currently supported, more to come in the future)
  • Play welcome announcement with a list of your station stops according to your chosen scenario/quickdrive
  • Inform passengers for the next stop station as you are getting close to it
  • Inform passengers about any current delay in your service
  • Inform passengers randomly about regular safety rules
  • And many more things…

This will add a new level of immersion to your passenger services.

Station PIS

Like the onboard PIS system, RW Enhancer 2 also provide a station Passenger Information System. This system is automatically playing audio announcements inside stations. By using the RW Enhancer 2 audio engine, it can ajust reverberation and occlusion automatically depending on the station size and you current point of view (inside or outside the cab).

Here is an example of things that the station PIS system can do:

  • Automatically speak in the correct language according to the country you are driving (English, French and German currently supported, more to come in the future)
  • Play departure announcement with your departure time, platform number and other information according to your chosen scenario/quickdrive
  • Randomly inform passengers about regular safety rules inside the station
  • Welcome passengers on terminus stations
  • And many more things…

This system like many other in RW Enhancer 2 is also compatible with all existing and future routes. No editing is required.


RW Enhancer 2 feature a radio system that can be used to communicate with the traffic regulation operator. This add a great gameplay interactivity. You can even request to pass a signal and everything will be done automatically, no more TAB key to press ! You can issue requests by a simple button click or by directly by speaking trough your microphone with the advanced voice recognition system !

We are planning to greatly expand radio features and possibilities as updates are released for RW Enhancer 2.

In this video French language is used but you can also speak in English or German. It just works !

Content Explorer

The Content Explorer is a nice way to explore all your Train Simulator addons collection. You can see every rolling stock (engines, wagons), consists, routes and scenarios that is currently installed on your computer.
With the various search tools and filters you can quickly look at a specific content.

Content explorer will be upgraded with new features in the future.

Consist Editor

A new consist editor has been integrated into RW Enhancer 2. With this consist editor you can easily create your own consists to be used by the quickdrive mode.
This new consist editor offers some significant improvements over the default Train Simulator one:

  • Very fast loading time (once the content is cooked by RW Enhancer 2)
  • Fast engines/wagons selection with useful filters
  • Easy modifications (Elements order change, reversal of single elements, entire consist reversing…)
  • Stable and no random crashes

We are planning more upgrades to the consist editor in the future.

Control Values Monitor

Specifically made for rolling stock developers, the Control Values Monitor is a very useful tool that will display in real-time all CV's of the currently driven train.
You can set various filters and even display some graphs of the CV's of your choice.

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